Elexsys E500 Spectrometer

EPR: Frequency/Band magnetic field: 0.3T, Band X (9 GHz)

Description : Continuous mode spectrometer

Specifications : X-Band cavities: standard, TMS (HQ, LQ), SHQ, high temperature, electrochemistry/photocatalysis in situ/catalysis in operando

Temperature: low temperature: 300K-100K with liquid nitrogen and high temperature: 300K-1200K

Elexsys E580 pulse spectrometer

EPR: Frequency/Band 0 to 1.2T, X-band (9 GHz), Q-band (34 GHz)

Description : Multi-frequency spectrometer, pulse and continuous modes.

Specifications : AWG (Arbitrary Wave Generator). Standard cavities: X-band (MD5, MD4, MS3), Q-band. ENDOR/ELDOR cavities.

Temperature: 4K-300K with Cryofree system (helium gas) Mode : X and Q band: pulse mode / continuous mode / pulse imaging

Double resonance : ENDOR X-band and ELDOR X- and Q-band

Elexsys E580 imaging spectrometer

EPR: Frequency/Band magnetic field: 0.3 T – X-band (9 GHz)

Description : X-band spectrometer in continuous/pulse mode

Specifications : X-band cavities: standard / electrochemistry, in situ photochemistry.

Temperature : low temperature: 100K-300K with liquid nitrogen and high temperature: 300K-673K

Mode : continuous, pulsed, CW gradient imaging 2 axis 200 G/cm, ELDOR X-band

Spectromètre EMX Nano

EPR: Fréquence / Bande champ magnétique: 0.3T, Bande X (9 GHz)

Description : Spectromètre en mode continu

Spécifications : Cavités en bande X : standard, photochimie in situ

Température: 420K-100K avec azote liquide